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A look at PADM4226R52

My name is Frank Hayes, I go by Gray. I am a junior at MTSU where I am taking a course on Non-profit organizations. This semester we have been studying many interesting facets about non-profits. First we defined what a non- profit is and it how meets the legal requirements to be considered a non-profit, we studied the roles that people take in a nonprofit, such a board members or executive director and what responsibilities each undertake. We also read about the evolving history of nonprofits.

Next, we took close look at mission statements. Misson statements are a written declaration of an organizations core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time. This is the reason for nonprofits existence, and the CEO should use it as a guide for every discussion. We had the opportunity to research and nonprofit of our choosing and take a closer look how the mission statement effects their overall day to day operations.

Finally, we looked at the role of management verses leadership. Management focuses more of the daily operations, such as policies, procedures, rules and process, while leadership is more about direction, purpose and vision. Leadership is built more on interpersonal relationships. Leaders focus on the bigger picture and have a vision of how to take the organization into the future.