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Publicity: News Release, Video Commercial, and Print Ad

Communication 3015 R 50

Frank Hayes

April 6, 2016 

Section I – Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of this assignment was to become familiar with and create writings for news releases, for both newspaper and broadcast media.  It was also to become familiar with and apply the Associated Press writing style to the adverting materials I produced for the fundraising event I created though a print ad, script for video commercial and press release. I also used the knowledge I gained in applying professional copy writing standards for print and electronic media in this assignment.


Section 2- News Release 


Contact: Frank Hayes

Tel: 615-555-1234




“Sparing others the heartache of losing a loved one”


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (April 2, 2016) – The Franklin High School athletic department and Franklin Family Entertainment Center will be hosting its annual charity event: “Strikes and Spares for Screenings” this Saturday, April 9th from 4:30-6:30pm at the Franklin Family Entertainment Center. All proceeds go to covering the cost of medical exams for student athletes in order to identify undiagnosed heart conditions. Each year there are numerous deaths related to undiagnosed heart conditions, and with early detection the Franklin High School Athletic Association believes that they can cut the number of these unfortunate deaths significantly.

The cost for admissions is $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for students if purchased in advanced. Tickets are $25.00 and $15.00 at the door. Each entrant will enjoy 2 hours of unlimited bowling, pizza, snacks and soft drinks. Shoe rental is included.

A variety of local business have donated various items to be raffled off during the evening. Raffle tickets can be purchased 1 for$2 or 3 for $5. They can also be earned through bowling. Strikes get 2 tickets Spares get 1 ticket! Because Franklin High School is committed to the success of all students, not just athletes, a $500. 00 academic scholarship donated by Wells Fargo will be raffled off during the festivities.

Franklin High School Athletics:

Franklin High School Athletic teams develop and maintain programs that promote a culture of success academically, athletically, and socially and produce championship results.  In addition FHS student-athletes are prepared to be good citizens, effective leaders, and positive contributors within the community. Franklin High is a public high school with a long history and community traditions.  It was established in 1910 with 20 students and 2 teachers.  Today the school numbers 1,760 students and a faculty of 118.  57% of our teachers hold advanced degrees.

Section III – Video Commercial

Franklin High School Athletics

Spot A

Campaign: Strike and Spare for Screenings

Duration: 30 seconds


KILL: 4/2/2016




Soft instrumental Public Domain music playing throughout  commercial

Slides :


(1) High School students playing soccer :02’’

(2) H. S students playing basketball :02’’

(3)H.S students playing baseball :02’’

(4) H.S students playing Volleyball :02’’

(5)HS. students at swim meet  :02’’

(6) H.S students playing football  :02’’


TOTAL :12’’





Ex. Titan Football player standing on empty high school football field : 08’’















Video of last year’s Strike and Spares for Screenings Event : 07’’









Details of event on screen :03








It’s a sad story you have heard before, a student athlete collapses suddenly from an undiagnosed heart condition.














Sadly, I witnessed this when I was in high school .A teammate fell to the turf, never to regain consciousness. Put an end to tragic stories like this one by raising money to cover the cost of medical exams that identify undiagnosed heart conditions in student athletes.








Join the Franklin High School Athletic Association Saturday, April 9th from 4:30- 6:30 pm for the annual Strike and Spare for Screenings fundraiser at the Franklin Family Fun Center.




Strike and Spares for Screening – Sparing others the heartache of losing a loved one.




Section IV- Print Ad

      “Strikes and Spares for Screenings”

        Sparing others the heartache of losing a loved one 

 A fund raiser to help cover the cost of medical exams that identify undiagnosed heart conditions of student athletes at Franklin High School.

project 1Saturday April, 9, 2016

Check in at 4 pm   project 2

Games from 4:30- 6:30PM


                 Franklin Family Entertainment Center

1200 Lakewood Drive, Franklin, Tennessee 3706

Cost: $20 advance / $25 at the door/per person. $10 for students advance/ $15 at the door

Raffle tickets can be purchased 1 for$2 or 3 for $5. They can also be earned through bowling: Strikes get 2 tickets/ Spares get 1 ticket!

What the Scratch?

  • Come out and enjoy an evening that will benefit the students of Franklin High School
  • Each entrant will enjoy 2 hours of unlimited bowling, pizza, snacks and soft drinks
  • Shoe rental is included
  • Raffle items include a $500.00 scholarship curtesy of Wells Fargo.

Prizes &Raffles

project 6  project 5 project 4 project 3

project 7


Section V – What I learned

In each of the three assignments we have worked on this semester, they have all covered different responsibilities or opportunities for professional communicators.  In this particular assignment I gained a greater understanding of not only the importance of the news release but also the necessary elements it takes to write one. There are many types of news releases from print to internet, audio, to video.  From content to format to style, there are many components that go into a successful release.

I also gained a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of advertising mediums as well as what makes an advertising piece successful. The importance of a strong hook followed by building a compelling interest. Depending on the medium, the use of videos or graphics are also important. Finally, the stinger or call to action gets the consumer to hopefully make a purchase. Like the press release, the format varies with different types of mediums. Advertising generates the income and is the essential tool professional communicators use to get their message out to the public.